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I swear, I think my personality is in flux these days. I've never considered myself to be a hopeless romantic, a sappy-schmaltzy kind of guy or even one to collect or share quotes. But if you look at the last six months or so, you'll see that I've become all of these!!!!
So it should come as no surprise that this quote from a sign at a wedding was a must-share card for all my wedding community (and relationship) Vinglers out there.
Even if you're not getting married, you have to love this.
"To have and to hold, in case you get cold"
The quote, as cute as it is, is really a play on words because near the sign is a chest of shawls for wedding guests who might want to grab one in case they catch a chill from the outdoor nuptials. It's a great idea! All the way around, everything from the quote to the use of shawls for guests.
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This is ADORABLE! @marshalledgar we really have watched you blossom into a hopeless romantic XD hahaha. Maybe it's because you've been hanging out with me too much...
Awesome @allischaaff