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Have you ever considered a pear shaped diamond engagement ring? I'll admit, this shape is one of the last styles that comes to mind when I think of engagement rings and diamonds, in general.
I've shared in previous cards that my preference is for the princess (square) and emerald cuts in diamonds, followed by the cushion and asscher cuts. After that, it's just a mash of whatever grabs my eye.
But after seeing this whopper of ring, which is from Nader Jewels, I am hard pressed to be so negative about the pear shape. I will say, that my least favorite is the marquise cut. Actually, the heart shape is my absolute least favorite, then the marquise, then...
Anyhow, I don't want this to turn into diamond cut bashing. I just had my eyes opened to this pear shape cut and thought that if my mind can change on things like this, then maybe you have had the same thing happen.
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