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Hi everyone I am new to this app so I'm not really sure what I am doing yet...haha. I really love anime! I create AMVS on youtube so I would love it if you all could check out my channel! Kayla Trego is the channels name. I want to make friends on here because I live in a very small country town and nobody shares anime interest with me. So lets all be cyber friends!!! :D
I like them. @KaylaTrego I know where you are coming from about the small country town I don't have anyone to talk to about anime and I'm on here to try to make friends too
pittapattajones lol im glad u know where im coming from then! it's good that we otaku have the internet to find others who have the same passions! :)
littlemaryk thank u! I did post my newest amv today on here :) I will have to post the others too!
Lol I had the same problem when I lived in my small town no one liked anime moved to Vegas still the same problem ahha welcome though
Welcome! That is awesome you makr AMVs, you should post some videos on here! Everyone would appreciate that ^.^ I know I would
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