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OK am out of ideas for what anime to watch next here is a list of what I seen so far. sao bleach death not soul eater kuroko no basket fruit basket dararar diaboki lover fairy tale naruto shippuden uta no prince sama high school star musical attack on titan code geass Hunter x hunter yugioh series pokemon series if you know any good animes I haven't seen I would love to hear about it
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Tokyo ghoul, danmachi, or guilty crown
Definately watch Tokyo Ghoul, Mushi-shi, Seraph of the End, Ald Noah man, I need some new ones too.
guilty crown, clannad, clannad after story, kanon, accel world, angel beats, all lies in april, cowboy bebop, God eater, azura Crying, high school of the dead, high school DxD, Tokyo Ghoul, future diaries, the irregular at magic high. I think those should do you just fine. they are all in my collection
has no one said gurren lagon? im surprised lol but chech that out.
thanks guys so many great segregations I don't know what to pick I'll just have to check them all out to decide thanks for the help