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Since Halloween is tomorrow, many people will either be:

1. trick or treating, no matter how old they are 2. Partying (maybe some drinking) 3. Spending time with friends and chilling away from all the noise outside 4. Or if you're like me, hide in the corner of your room with your porch lights off and pretend you're not at home while there's kids slamming on the doors, like the aliens in Zathura (a space version of Jumanji). This year, I'm having a sleepover with my female friend and watching movies with a couple other visitors. So! If you're like me, looking for Halloween movie choices, Look Below!
The Corpse Bride is beautifully creepy and honestly my Tim Burton favorite!
This movie never gets old no matter how many times I watch it! It's cute, suspenseful, surprising, and I haven't met anyone who hasn't fallen in love with Norman.
Then there's the real Oldies, involving Casper the Friendly Ghost, Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, and a lot of others!

And let's be honest, there's no Halloween without Halloweentown, Adams Family, and Harry Potter.

I'm SO watching this tonight!

I've always grown up watching this movie and I love the creepy-happy ending of it! I recommend it! :D I warn you though, if you don't like kid humor or old animation, maybe you won't like it..

Yeah, yeah I know. It's old as hell.

BUT it really is a good movie and the first time I watched it was actually last year. I love plot twists and movies that are suspensful and scary, but there's no gore, random useless screaming, or weird guys with makeup staring at people. Unless it's Supernatural the show and there's a happy ending at the end involving two hot, charismatic characters, I'm not tolerating blood and gore in a scary movie.
And lastly, everyone's favorite!

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Do I really have to explain why everyone loves it? Christmas+Halloween+catchy scary songs = Love from all

Have a Happy Halloween, guys! I hope to hear your stories when you return!!! <3

I LOVE THIS CARD. And omg, I really want to watch Harry Potter now. I might just do that tonight.
@Luci546 it was really great ^_^
@shannonl5 that sounds so fun xD
@Luci546 oh no! I saw it when I was in college with my roommate. We were both freaking out in the theater! Haha, it still creeps me out a little, but it's beautiful too
@shannonl5 omgggggg I MISSED IT. I forgot @.@ I love that movie to death. I used to get nightmares the first time I watched it, cause I was still a kid and I had never seen anything like it! then, I got to understand the movie more and appreciate the art of the character development and I'm just like, f this, I like it
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