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Pharrell like the name of his label "Star Trek" is taking music where no man has gone before. He continues to push pop and hip-hop music to another level with each release.
Rightfully so, NYU has acknowledged the importance of this great mind in music by naming him the artist in residence at Tisch School of the Arts. Earlier this week Pharrell sat down NPR Music’s Jason King for a discussion on his illustrious career.
One of the more interesting moments in the interview came when King turned the conversation to Pharrell’s career as a solo artist. Pharrell was self-effacing and downplayed his success. “Honestly, I am like the Mr. Magoo of music,” Pharrell joked.
The talented musician explained his outlook on his solo endeavors and the attitude he tries to maintain.
“For whatever reason, these opportunities are presented to me,” Pharrell said. “Oh, that will be fun. And as long as I concentrate on the fun, it usually turns out cool. It’s when I become too, you know, too worried about how it has to be and, you know, that’s when, you know, God spends a lot of time chuckling at me. You know? He’s rolling over laughing all the time with me. He’s just like, hey, check him out, there he is again. Watch what we do with him. But when I just let it go and just go with the flow and just do things that I enjoy, I’ve just had this incredibly eclectic journey of just great opportunities to collaborate with people who were far much more experienced than I was.”
While there are many great people I would compare Pharrell to or expect him to compare himself to, Mr. Magoo wasn't one of them.