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Sometimes we learn unique routines when we are kids. Hopefully our parents catch wind of them and work out the kinks before things get out of hand. Some kids aren't as lucky though.
One of those unlucky gentlemen shared his odd bathroom routine on Reddit on the “Today I F*cked Up” subreddit. As it turns out, he’s been doing this public bathroom thing all wrong, thanks to his cousin playing a cruel trick on him during childhood.
When I was 7, an older cousin informed me that it was common courtesy to, after using a public restroom for #2, leave a one-wipe size amount of toilet paper around the handicap bar so the next person would have one ready when they go.
Now 22, first big boy job, do this every day in the public bathroom. Think all of my coworkers are rude for not leaving me any. Someone sent an email around requesting the courtesy paperer (me) to stop wasting paper. I reply “what about courtesy paper” to emailer, at which point I discover that I was duped for 15 years.

Also, whenever I spotted courtesy paper, I happily used it for 15 years.

For starters, whoever pulled this prank off is a walking legend due to the longevity of the prank. I mean, I can't imagine this guy writing "courtesy paper" in a email. Nor can I imagine him using what he thought was "courtesy paper" left on the side of someones toilet or something.
Someone give this guy a hug, he surely needs it.
Bahahaahah how did he go SO LONG without realizing this wasn't a thing! Incredible.
I am envious of the quality of this practical joke. None of mine have stuck for more than a year.