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Halloweeeeeeen is tomorrow!!!!
Costume update: no official costume but a lot of half formed ideas for about 7 possibilities.
Anyway, the hilarious @danidee realized that halloween is the perfect opportunity for a gif challenge! Check out her original card right here and feel free to make your own!

Question #1: What Halloween costume best fits your personality?

To be more specific .... Drunk is my halloween costume.

Question #2: What's your favorite Halloween song?

Question #3: What's your favorite Halloween candy?

All of it.

Question #4: How do you feel about scary movies?

Question #5: Pumpkin Spice - yay or nay?

Ehhhhhh it can really go either way.
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@InPlainSight thanks I will!!! You have a good weekend tooooo!
@lizarnone The Adams Family and BeetleJuice best for me
The Addams Family theme is epic! Look at that gif of them. They're stylist as ish.
Sorry I can't spell things.