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Today's lesson is the basic art of using kunai and throwing knives. Using ones with a balanced blade and hilt make for a much better throw. It takes much practice and remember that form is important. Before attempting this be sure to have lots of room and a secured target away from any easily damaged items, people, and pets. Hold the weapon with the blade in the palm of your hand. The top should fit comfortably on the long diagnal crease of your palm and then continue down your middle and pointer fingers. Your thumb will then cover the blade centered between your fingers. To throw step forward with the same side holding the weapon. Perform a chop motion and release the blade. Continue to follow through with the chop motion, halting will disrupt your aim. Accuracy will come with practice and gradually improving form.
@Jak91 Mine are so worn out from practicing for so long they look like antiques.
funny enough I used to have one of these
@shannonl5 Nothing to big, just a lot of small things. Plus it was my birthday so I went over to see some family.
@shannonl5 unfortunately I was a little too busy today because of some issues. So tomorrow if I can manage it I'll try and do 2 to make up for it.
@MichaelOgg that's great they took off though I'm definitely keeping up with your new cards ninja ready is the best ready
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