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Today's lesson is the basic art of using kunai and throwing knives. Using ones with a balanced blade and hilt make for a much better throw. It takes much practice and remember that form is important. Before attempting this be sure to have lots of room and a secured target away from any easily damaged items, people, and pets. Hold the weapon with the blade in the palm of your hand. The top should fit comfortably on the long diagnal crease of your palm and then continue down your middle and pointer fingers. Your thumb will then cover the blade centered between your fingers. To throw step forward with the same side holding the weapon. Perform a chop motion and release the blade. Continue to follow through with the chop motion, halting will disrupt your aim. Accuracy will come with practice and gradually improving form.
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600 move views and we can start the DBZ jokes
Had a friend work a few weeks on his Kunai to make them retractable. Most of it was trying to find string that was durable enough to be pulled on with a lot of force, and was thin enough to not throw the knife too out of balance. He got it to work though
@Namrow thats intense, I thought about it but never tried to make it work
@MichaelOgg I dunno, that seems really bad... why would you have kunai, in-TENTS ;P
@Namrow XD my buddy got me a few times with all our gear at least once XP