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For me it would have to be naruto just because no matter what he went through he always gave it his all, as well as sasuke because he was a cool guy that didn't about what others thought
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Who I'd say inspired me the most was Naruto. He picked me up when I was feeling down. Even when he was sad he'd toughen up, and put on a brave smile. He was a hero, my hero even. In every episode, every issue, every movie... He could turn an enemy into an ally, a distant stranger into a friend. He always had a speech from the bottom of his heart about friendship and loyalty.. Always saying I used to be alone.. But never gave up. His dream from the beginning was to get people to acknowledge him and to become hokage some day, even before he knew the fourth was his father. Naruto never gave up on his friends no matter how far off the path they may have traveled. Never gave up on his dream. Never gave up on his ninja way. ❤️
Definitely Naruto or Luffy.
Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito)
natsu from fairy tail for showing that you can ways get better, we all have weaknesses, and that when somebody says we can't we should beat them up and prove them wrong.