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@danidee challenged me to the Halloween Gif deal. My lady, Challenge accepted. Btw Jack looks awesome in this interpretation.
What Halloween custome fits me.. Spawn but female.. Again me and the Anti Hero thing lol. I would say something like Psylocke but her costume I could see causing a wedge or something lol.
What song for Halloween? Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson.. Watching Me Yea, Rockwell looks like a bobble head doll lol
What is your favorite candy? Candy corn!!!!
How I feel about Horror movies? Bring it on!! Expect 1982 the thing... That scares the crap out of me! Lol
I'm gonna be a female Spawn...sort of...his sidekick, Nyx, anyways. Love your gif selection!
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Dude, that artwork of Jack is Sick!! 💜
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OMG ROCKWELL. Lmao, I got so excited when that gif popped up.
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