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There's some trouble in the entertainment industry, specifically with YG... Let me explain fans are actually Boycotting YG
"why?" One Word: "WINNER" It's not their fault but let me further explain what's going on so you can get in on the stuff ~(^.^)~
I get the where the fans are coming from they're right they're not just ATM's. With the time span between debut, promotions, and album releases. I can see why they're angry. ■■■NEW PRODUCT IS NEEDED TO KEEP THE FANS HAPPY ■■■ Quality IS IMPORTANT but so is QUANITY
Personally I don't know enough about WINNER to be considered a enormous fan but I do know that producers should listen to their consumers ♡♡IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT FEEDBACK♡♡ (Supporters are the life line if their not happy then everything goes bye bye lol) Fans are like Mitochondria the power house of the cell but in this this the cell is WINNER
What do you guys think about this whole situation? I'm open minded here, so don't be afraid to express your opinions :)
i understand there frustration but at the same time they need to understand YG knows what hes doing hes being doing it for years. if he delays a debut or comeback its because he feels the members arent ready and feels they need to work a little longer so that they can really be ready for when they do debut or comeback. he doesnt mistreat any of his trainees/groups. is he tough? if course but its tough love he wants any of his artists to fully be prepared for everything and anything because you never know what can happen .so i honestly dont think they should boycott yg and the dvd because if you think about it if they dont buy the dvd then sales go down and what happens when sales go down?the group they love will go bye bye again and might not comeback
For in YG. The man knows what he's doing. It seems ridiculous to hafta wait....unfair...uncool and all that jazz. But YG = quality and he's not gonna allow anything that isn't up to that YG standard to be released just because the fans feel the group needs a comeback. WITH THAT SAID, I can understand why Inner Circle is upset but I can't see how a boycott is gonna help the situation. Support them by....not supporting? How does that help? I'll tell you doesn't.
Oh hell no!!! I understand completely why they would want to do this, but are they trying to get Winner disbanded? Do they realise what happens when groups don't bring in revenue?! This is stupid, I'm an Inner Circle but I trust YG completely, the quality of the music they bring out is always spectacular, so if he feels they need more time then I trust that he is right...I need to calm down, this is making me more upset than it should...
dude, we waiting THREE YEARS for a bigbang comeback. Being a YG fan, you have to come to terms that comebacks take time and are always delayed. However, I have yet to live through a disappointing comeback. Always worth the wait.
I miss Winner too.... I was a HUGE fan of their debut album, but I'm not gonna be all crazy and boycott the company... What good does that do? People need to have some faith in the company that their favorite groups are under because guess what? Without that company, they wouldn't be the group they are today. That's my opinion with this situation.
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