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Which anime?
Well, guys?
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did you see food wars
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Log Horizon, God eaters, Irregular at magic high school, aesthetica of a rogue hero, Tokyo ravens, is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon, fate/zero, fate stay night unlimited blade works, assassination classroom,black bullet, blade dance of the elementals. these are a few what are you into I could narrow it down some.
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try gatchaman crowds it is an amazing anime theirs also shigatsu wa kimi no uso(sad ending fyi), Sidonia no kishi daikyuu wakusei seneki, Ino battle wa nichihou-kei no naka de, dramatical murder, rail wars, Gokukoku no brynhidlr (kinda dark) and akuma no riddle. I have more but these are few I really liked
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me 馃槀
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Attack on titan
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