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Well, guys?
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did you see food wars
Log Horizon, God eaters, Irregular at magic high school, aesthetica of a rogue hero, Tokyo ravens, is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon, fate/zero, fate stay night unlimited blade works, assassination classroom,black bullet, blade dance of the elementals. these are a few what are you into I could narrow it down some.
try gatchaman crowds it is an amazing anime theirs also shigatsu wa kimi no uso(sad ending fyi), Sidonia no kishi daikyuu wakusei seneki, Ino battle wa nichihou-kei no naka de, dramatical murder, rail wars, Gokukoku no brynhidlr (kinda dark) and akuma no riddle. I have more but these are few I really liked
me 😂
Attack on titan