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I need a list of anime to watch because I can't think of any. SOS Otaku in need. Please and thank you to all senpai's and sensi's and of course otaku's.
Depends what genre of anime your into
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I'm into comedy, romance, demons, magic, action, and adventure
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Princess jellyfish? brothers conflict? skipbeat!, glass mask? what have you seen already? nura rise of the yokai, Natsume and friends?
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Ok so I would recommend for; Comedy/Magic/Romance: Familiar of Zero (beware this anime has 4 seasons) Romance/Comedy: The Pet Girl of Sakurasu (pardon my spelling) Action/ Comedy: Assassination Classroom Demons: Higurashi, Another, Corpse Party (very scary) Adventure: akame ga kill And must see animes: dragon ronpa, a certain scientific railgun, and a certain magical index.
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