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I'm gunna teach you two letters today ohohohoo~~ So first we have the letter ㄱ which makes a SOFT 'g' sound. In fast or casual conversation, it can sound like a 'k' sound but generally when pronouncing yourself, you want to meet pronunciation between a 'g' and 'k' sound! We can also make this into a double consonant by hitting the caps button on the Korean keyboard to make a~ ㄲ! This makes a HARD 'g' sound, as if you were pronouncing the 'g' in English! You spend more time pronouncing this letter when you see that it's doubled. -- this is the golden rule right here (always pronounce HARD when you see a doubled consonant) BUT DO NOT MIX THIS LETTER UP WITH THE ㄴ! This letter makes the 'n' sound. There's no complicated forms of pronouncing this one, just a normal 'n' sound. You can also not make this into a double consonant. So maybe that can be a factor to help you decipher the two letters from each other. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE OKAY!! If you're following my collection, I suggest writing down all of the letters and their sounds. Also wiring down each letter over and over again will improve penmanship and memorization! You can find the last letter here Follow my collection to learn more of the Korean alphabet, words and phrases! 안녕!!