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He expressed my title so well CX as in "Wei's here move aside!" lol
Omg this pic is so charming lol
I...I..can't really...expl..say ..how I feel when I see this...the look..and most importantly.. THE SHIRT LIFTING!!!!!!
"It's not my fault you fell for me." lol this pic just looks like it says that XD
He's my bias :) ... who is your bias?
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I can't decide lol I'm torn between Wooshin and Bitto 😝
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@EniorehFrancois Wooshin reminds me of a little kitten and for some reason Bit-to reminds me of Jae Hyeon when he was Park JiSang in Blood
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i love him! I love them all that whole group makes it hard to choose a bias my number one is though is Kuhn hes perfect and Wooshin is close behind
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He's such a giant lil nerd omg XD he's so fluffy ugh I cant
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