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f(x) 4 walls comeback stage
There really aren't word for how much i love f(x) they are my favorite girl group of all time and i am as much obsessed with them as i am some boy groups. thy are queens and they slay. Amber is my bias ofcourse. because she is a hilarious lama with loads of talent, and she has an awesome youtube channel if you didn't know @whathtepinneapple she is so down to earth she dare to be diffirent and she rocks it! her song beautiful is lyrically one of my favorite songs. The amount of flawlessness in this video is off the chart. The choreo is AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!! Any f(x) fans out there? what do think of there comeback? what's your favorite song from their new album? what's your favorite pre-comeback song? my fav song from their comeback is $ walls and my fav pre-comeback song is nu-abo i can almost rap the whole thing >_<
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They were my first female K-pop group I listened to and I love them! They definitely slayed it and are getting so much praise for the choreography of 4 walls! I love 4 walls and rainbow
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Damn... Now that was a hot comeback stage. I loved the choreography.
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amber is my fave as well!!!
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Amber & Luna are everything!
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f (x) is by far my favorite girl group! I love their songs!!! I can't choose a fave, but I miss Sulli soooo much :/
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