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This part and the next part is going to be a bit confusing but it's really nothing that difficult.
➢There are 2 consonant vowel sounds that sound very similar. But we'll go over that the next time.
Today's consonants: さ|し|す|せ|そ
さ| as in Sausage!
し| as in She!
す| as in Sue!
せ| as in Senator!
そ| as in So!
[These " 「」" are basically hooks in Japanese. We call them brackets and they call them 鉤 which means "hook." I'll be putting the Kanji in brackets alongside the Hiragana reciprocal. ]
➞Here are some examples, Practice saying these words:
➣Notice here that these aren't 2 of the same consonant vowels although they sound like it.
The |あ| < must be said a bit longer.
さあ | Well...
➣ さ and き look fairly similar but don't let them fool you!
さき 「先」 | The future, previous
しかし | However
しお 「塩」 | Salt
すう 「吸う」 | To smoke, to suck in
すき 「好き」 | Likeable
せ 「背」 | Height, stature
そこ | There
We're going over some really good stuff the next section!
た | ち| つ | て | と