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Group Demands “Lee Soon Shin is The Best” to Be Banned

KBS' newest drama “Lee Soon Shin is The Best” is in hot waters. It was revealed on March 11th, that global youth group “DN” has ask Seoul Central District Court to ban the drama. “DN” states that the reason for their request, is the misuse of the name “Lee Soon Shin.” Yi Sun Sin was a naval commander, who fought against the Japanese army in the Imjin war. The commander is really respected historical figure and he is seem as national hero. He has his own statue and he is printed in the 100 won bill. “DN” states that “the commander's image will be damaged, because of the character of “Lee Soon Sin” which is played by singer IU, is weak, and fragile. The commander was someone known for strength, success, and victory.” They also said that when your search the name of “Lee Soon Shin” on Naver (Korea’s version of Google), which is Korea's most used search engine, UI will come up instead of commander Yi Sun Sin. They are concerned that the younger generation around the world, who still don't know about the commander, will get confused with the character of the drama and the commander. KBS stated that it wasn’t their intention to make fun, damage, or offend the commander's name.
i love this drama... that is so interesting *.*
yep check out kdramastars,.com for the source
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