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I see why people get all freaking defensive over topics about lolis, but really, there are people that obsess over large breasts and big buttocks (love this word) and it gets brushed off as "normal" but liking lolis is a crime. Maybe there are perverts who would actually marry/date 5-12 year old girls, but most people that like lolis are just into cute flat chested girls, and lolis seem to be the only cute and flat chested girls in a majority of mainstream anime. Who cares about what type of characters we find attractive, we should just focus on wanting to know what Eren will find in the basement, if Kaneki will ever come back, and if Natsu's secret weapon is actually just a regular hit.
I honestly don't see the problem with liking 'any' character loli or otherwise. They're there because they are an important part of any series or show. The people that make it into some huge deal? Let them huff and puff as they please. Everyone is allowed their own point of view or opinion. I personally adore loli characters for the fact that a lot of times they offer HUGE emotional impact for the people they're with. I find them adorable and important. Attraction really has nothing to do with it. It may be differemnt for others, but this is my view of it.
I'll give it a try @tayhar18920
Haha if you like the mention of loli's you should check out mikakunin de shinkoukei it's a great anime and the older sister of the main character calls the youngest sister a loli and buys all this funny things for her and try's to drag her every where .its much more funny to watch it thats not a very detailed plot that I just said but it's a good anime 😂
I agree this world has gone brain dead
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