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Lolis Are Life.
I see why people get all freaking defensive over topics about lolis, but really, there are people that obsess over large breasts and big buttocks (love this word) and it gets brushed off as "normal" but liking lolis is a crime. Maybe there are perverts who would actually marry/date 5-12 year old girls, but most people that like lolis are just into cute flat chested girls, and lolis seem to be the only cute and flat chested girls in a majority of mainstream anime. Who cares about what type of characters we find attractive, we should just focus on wanting to know what Eren will find in the basement, if Kaneki will ever come back, and if Natsu's secret weapon is actually just a regular hit.
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what anime is this from
2 years ago·Reply
The first picture is K Project. The last one is Love Live School Idol Project @xclusivek0rean
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awwwww just got butterflied❤❤❤
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I agree this world has gone brain dead
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