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I'm so excited! This is my first card and it's my first scenario. Please read it, tell me about your opinion, and I hope you enjoy.

The Birthday Text

It's my birthday. I'm sitting in class with a blank stare. I'm thinking about the text I got from [Your boy bias] this morning, it said, "Hey jagi, I know you're sleep right now and I don't want to interrupt you beautiful, but I'm sorry, because I can't make it to see you for your birthday. Something came up. I have to finalize my mixtape. I really tried to ask my manager if there was another day I could do this, but he said no, because he doesn't want me to push my date back. I'm really sorry. I sent you something special; I hope you love it. See you soon. I love you." My thoughts were scattering. I had so much planed to do with him. I was so hopeful before, but now I'm hopeless. I wasn't expecting anything after that but tears. Those didn't even appear. Suddenly, I feel a vibration in my back pocket; my phone. I checked my phone; it was a text from [Your boy bias], it said, "Jagi, are you okay? I hope you understand. Please reply." I replied, "I'm fine and I understand. I love you. Goodnight." I put my phone back in my pocket. I went back into my blank stare mode. My friend [Your girl bias] ran over towards me and gave me a big hug and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY [YOUR NAME]!" I remained motionless. She then realized that there was something wrong with me. "[Your name] what's wrong?" she asked with a concerning look on her face while she pulled up a chair and sat down. I pulled out my phone and showed her my text from [Your boy bias]; she read it. When she got done reading it; she looked at me with a...
That's all I've written, sorry I couldn't finish yet, but please tell me what you think of it so far. Thanks for reading! ✌ If you want to be tagged in the finish touch comment "Jagiya"
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Jagiya, and I think it's great so far