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If you've ever been a kid, chances are you've been sent to the principal's office for one reason or another. Let's face it - kids get in trouble! Aside from making messes and loud sounds, it's what we do best!
I want to do a bi-monthly free-for-all called "COOL STORY, BRO!" where we all share ridiculous memories we have, from when we wound up in the ER after hurting ourselves a really stupid way to exchanging the weird lies our parents told us as children - that we believed!

Today's big question - What got YOU sent to the principal's office?

I'll start first:

When I was in 5th grade, I brought one of my dad's Things You Never Knew Existed catalog to school because it was awesome and let you order things like umbrella hats and laser pointers. When me and my friends were looking through it at recess, we got to the page of the celebrity cardboard stand-ups, and one of them was Pamela Anderson in her iconic red Baywatch swimsuit. My friend asked me if he can have that picture, so we ripped it out, and he kept it in his desk.
Before I knew it, somehow my teacher found out this happened, and sent us both to the principal's office, accusing me of 'distributing dirty material' like a picture of a cardboard stand-up of Pam Anderson in a red swimsuit was akin to a page ripped out of Hustler. I realize their intentions were good, but TO THIS DAY, I feel like it was a huge over-reaction.

So now it's your turn!

Comment below with the craziest reason you were ever sent to the principal's office.

(Extra points if you got detention.)


@danidee my teachers used to just do like a special lunch for the class on my birthday, one year was pizza, another was hotdogs, funnily enough the teachers didn't ever do much for anyone else's birthday...I was the "model student" and pretty much always the "teachers pet" XD what can I say, I knew how to play the system lol
@DeniseiaGardner I would've been with you. One time I got in trouble for telling a girl "just because it comes in your size doesn't mean you should be wearing it."
One time in 5th grade, my friend told me he didn't want to be friends anymore. during recess, this girl who always bullied me walked up to me with her group of friends and asked me what was wrong. I told her to not worry about it, it shouldn't affect her daily routine. she kept pestering me, so I moved. She followed me there, and pestered even farther. I moved back where I was sitting before, she followed me again. Finally I lost it and started yelling that she should go away before I slapped her cake face in the floor, and most of her friends assumed hitting positions while a few told the Procter. I got in trouble for "threatening people for no reason." then, since I didn't want my mom to find out, I forged the signature and turned it in. they found out that my mom didn't sugn it, mainly because I signed tge note 3 times. For the rest of the school year, I had lunch detention.
Only ever get sent to principle's office cause I stand up to bullies who either mess with me or any of my friends.
my friend thought it would be funny to climb into a tree and put my binder 9n the upper branches. then when he got down the bell rang for class where one of my assignments was due. so I asked for the bathroom pass and ran out to the tree was then started to throw branches and rocks up into the tree to knock my binder down because I was lacking in tree climbing skizillz at that time. As I am doing thing a teacher walks by to see why I am launching 3-foot long branches into a tree when one lands 8 feet away from her, she then calls the campus officer and they detained me for assault, the teacher claiming that there was no binder. I was suspended and the teacher wanted a hand written apology before I returned to my classes. 3 days into the suspension the campus maitenence were cutting the branches cuz the branches were touching the windows of one of the classrooms and found my binder. when the principal got the binder in her office, she ended my suspension and I returned to school with the letter that the teacher wanted but instead of the apology, it had 10 extremely detailed ways she can go fuck herself. I addressed it to her, photocopied it and put it on her desk that morning and was suspended again before lunch which i shit you not the principal bought me.
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