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Rage Quit
Hopefully I'm not the only one that has raged quit an anime. Some things just make me not want to finish watching.
Weather someone dies or they were tricking the audience the whole time. I will rage quit and never look back.
My friend would ask me why I would never finish watching an anime she finished, I would reply with 'you know what happened'. Have any of you every raged quit an anime?
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I rage quit animes that I haven't even started such as sad animes. (clannad, Mai hime, and attack on titan.)
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I quit Death Note at first and then I just skipped to the end to see what happened.
2 years ago·Reply
i did rage quit on attack on titan when eren died, then i started watching again a couple months later
2 years ago·Reply
I'm not gonna lie I've rage quit free eternal summer , death note and dragon ball z on like episode 200 fifty something 😭
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