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Is Xiumin wasn't so cute I would be upset and cry right now because he is dressed up like Chucky. I'm terrified of Chucky 馃槴馃槱馃槴馃槱馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶!!!!!!
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@kpoplover1995 I cried throughout the entire video and @kpopandkimchi keeps torturing by tagging me on some of her posts which involves Suga dressed as Chucky 馃槕
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I didn't cry I just didn't look at suga at all. I'm sorry she keeps tagging you @KpopGaby
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It's okay lol @kpoplover1995 I'm used to it...I'm always tortured. But dude, I cry...I'm that scared
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I will only cry if I see the Chucky doll
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Me, anything Chucky related... @kpoplover1995 my friend nearly played the movie for us to watch...omfg I would've stabbed her
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