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мy ѕιgn ιѕ тнe vιrgo c: ѕo ι aм a gнoυl! вwaнaнaн~ ι ѕнall ғeaѕт υpon all oғ тнee нυмanѕ-- aweee... ι jυѕт realιzed ι won'т вe aвle тo eaт мy ғavorιтe ғoodѕ ; n ; ғмl... (ғood ι ѕтιll loveѕ yoυ~) вrιng on тнe powerѕ doe! 😈 oн! and wнaт'ѕ yoυr ѕιgn? alѕo, are yoυ a gнoυl lιĸe υѕ? or are yoυ one oғ тнe people ιnveѕтιgaтιng c: wнaт wιll yoυr ғaтe decιde!!! (↜ мy ғaιled aттeмpт тo мaĸe ιт ѕoυnd draмaтιc lol)
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dang it im an investigator oh well its not that bad I dont have to kill them right? I can be a nice investigator right? XD
I'm a Leo, so I'll be joining you as a ghoul
I'm a Virgo too. Go ghouls, but bye food 😭
woo!! ghoul for me!
Ghoul! 😅
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