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"わたしは うずまき なると です"
I am Naruto Uzamaki!
For those of you who have brushed up on your Hiragana you may recognize は as "ha." PLOT TWIST it can be used as a particle pronounced "wa."
Note: A particle is a small word that we slap on to the end of words and phrases to indicate how they relate to other parts of the sentence.

はdoesn't have a literal English translation. It indicates the subject of a sentence.

Convenient right? This one is pretty easy. Let's revisit a few examples from the previous card on です (desu).
せんこう しんりがく です My major is psychology.
In the previous card we left out the subject because it was assumed the topic was obvious. Like in the case of being asked "what is your major?"
わたし アメリカじん です I am an American

Your Homework

In the comments tell me your name using Japanese!
Use the formula: わたしは (your name) です
I (subj.) ______ am
You can type in Hiragana or Katakana on this website:
Use good ol fashioned Romanji.
Formula: watashiwa (your name) desu.