Set- The Egyptian god of chaos (among a laundry list of other things) was represented by a composite figure: the face of an aardvark, slanting eyes, red hair, square-tipped ears, a canine's body, and a forked (or tufted, in older representations) tail. His figure was depicted very inconsistently throughout Egypt's history, possibly because he was a shapeshifter and trickster.
A trickster in Egyptian times was not equivalent to more modern tricksters. They had more to do with warfare and violence than manipulative social games or everyday pranks. Set was the embodiment of tactical creativity, natural disorder, and unpredictability. He fought tirelessly with Osiris and Osiris' heir, Horus.
Cagn- He is creator and trickster. Another shapeshifter, he often takes the form of a mantis. Cagn also tends to be a bit more primeval and violent in nature. When he discovers that baboons have hung one of his sons, he stabs each one in the rear end with a grass rope, cursing them forevermore with an upright tail and indiscernable yammering. In his adventures, Cagn has a tendency to get devoured. But it's okay, because he can rejoin his bones and be restored. Kinda reminds me of something...
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