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My first honorary card as a vingler is going to be somewhat dramatic but one of my favorite topics (in a sad way of course) because what would a great anime be without heart wrenching moments that make the room dusty IM NOT CRYING
Obviously my first spot is going to Ace the second division commander of the Whitebeard pirates notorious and feared for his powerful fire fist but not strong enough to evade death
Ace was courageous and brave till the very end and Luffy went to hell and back to save his life but in the end ace protected his poor kid brother at the cost of his life how sweet
Luffy doesn't fail when it comes to saving the people and things important to him but this one was a battle he just couldn't win and when ace is taken from him the room got real duaty
Although he died he was told his whole life that he should have been tortured and killed for who he was and in his final moment he realized he was surrounded by people who would go to war for him so he died with a smile on his face and love in his heart if that's not a, I don't want to say good or happy way to die, but at the very least heartwarming I don't know what is.
Do you believe his death was worthy of making the list why or why not? Is there somebody you would have liked to see get the first post? Let me know vinglers!
love this
@PolitoTrujillo keep it going the whole OP is an amazing adventure and I hope it never ends I'm about there in the manga and know I'll cry again :,(
@LuffyNewman I just finished the arc like a week ago so it inspired me to do this probably has a lot to do with why I chose it
Such a tragic part in this series but it showed ace's true colors and gave Luffy new hope to continue to do everything he can to protect his NAKAMA.
@PolitoTrujillo I know how ya feel then you either are stuck with weekly watches or wait a few months or so then play catch up. I have like 7 animes I currently watch for weekly Releases and just watch other animes I haven't seen in between the releases lol.
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