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I didn't survive this performance. I am making this card from the beyond because I WASN'T READY FOR RED EYED WONHO AND THESE FLIPPIN' SUITS AND HOW THEY SHOWED UP TO MUSIC BANK AS VAMPIRES YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS.
Dude I absolutely cannot with this group! They are a bunch of bias wreckers! I mean Hyungwon lifts his effing shirt in this video and then Kihyun with that crotch grab. And then Wonho in all of his glory, I just cannot!
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@ejbratton They really are just too much kekeke 😆😆😆 Ahhh what are we gonna do? ☺️☺️☺️
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@Meeshell I honestly have no clue but they have been killing me lately!
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