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Our first love took a lot out of us, just like the paragraph above says. Growing up, we were taught by movies and songs that "Love will always find a way." Unfortunately, that's not always the case.
In my first relationship, there were too many ups and downs to count, yet I can still remember how they felt. I remember flying through cloud 9 whenever I was with her. I remember thinking how much I wanted to hold her hand and never let go. I remember spending prom with her and how I believed angels were real because I was seeing one right before my very eyes. I remember the first time we kissed and how I believed everything would work out. I also remember how horrible I would feel when we would fight. When she would ignore me just to prove a point and then I would give in and prove her right. I remember the many nights I would spend crying and miserable and even wish it would all end. I remember the first time we kissed, because it was the last time I ever saw her.
Things won't always turn out for the best. That's a cold fact of life.


That is no excuse to give up. You see, life is kind of a douche. If you fall behind, you will get left behind.
So keep your head high, because your first love did indeed take a lot from you. But there is one thing that they couldn't take. Something so strong that no matter what breaks it, bends it, mauls it, or destroys it, it will always be able to rise. That thing is your heart. It will continue beating. Everything is survivable except the last thing, but until then, you must push on!
@Dynamo Sorry for asking but I do hope that everything works out for you. Like your card says we should not give up, specially in love, because we may find another that's better suited for us. :)
I needed this, thank you.
@ZoilaObregon It's all good, and I agree with you. Life doesn't end after the first breakup. On the contrary, it all begins afterwards c:
That last quote is beautiful. thank you for sharing this encouragement. my first love had a significant influence in my life, and now that it's over it's weird. but i'm better and i learned from the experience. :)
@Dynamo Well I'm very glad that you agree and all we can do is keep moving and learn from the experience. :)
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