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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!

It's hard to think that Otaku October has already come to a close. It's been a solid month of awesome commenting and cards and laughs and new friends. All in all, a solid month for everybody (at least I hope so XD)
Our wonderful Totoro mod @poojas has been swamped with college things, so she asked that I announce the winner to all you beautiful people. So, without any further ado, this is what the numbers have told us!

Congratulations, @Danse!!!, @LittleMaryK!!!

The numbers provided us by the Vingle gods have shown us that @Danse and @LittleMaryK are the winners of the Otaku October giveaway!!
You guys just need to message myself (@vinmccarthy) or @poojas the pertinent info about what figurine you want and where to send it!
Thank you to everyone for participating in this month's giveaway and of course, continue being awesome and stay tuned to see what November has in store!
O_O This took about a half an hour to sink in...or at least until I finished a cup of coffee. Ahahaha. Thank you so very much! @poojas, @RosePark, @VinMcCarthy. You guys helped me a LOT when I came to you with questions; being new somewhere is never easy. But I felt right at home. The Anime community is really becoming something like a second home for me. I'm really thankful and happy to meet new people and learn new things.
Also Thank you to our anime community moderators @poojas @RosePark @VinMcCarthy you guys have also been awesome *finger guns *pewpewpew
@Danse @littlemaryk yey! im friends with the winners =D
Whoaaa...I didn't think I would win this...but it is all thanks to the anime community for making me feel like a winner today collectively. You guys are ALL the glue to the community. I hope we can continue to share rad anime cards and communicate often about it ^.^
Congrats @littlemaryk and @Danse! You guys deserve it ^^
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