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Today I had an encounter with a hater. This was the post I was showing my freind whom loves Chanyeol but soon after I saw I certain post that caught my attention.
@pagyoofficial is The hater of course @willow_sky_storm is me
Going on the certain persons page this was all I saw.@Exoexo I was soooooo upset when I read this I mean if she doesn't like us then se doesn't like us but you don't need to be so freaking rude about it.
People can be really immature! Like whoever she/he was should really watch who she calls gay, people get really offended. She/he's not just insulting Chanyeol but a lot of others in a way. I hate when people name call. Honestly Chanyeol is effing gorgeous and whoever it was is probably just jealous. And if they think Instagram is going to do anything with "trying to block the content" with what they wrote in the spaces, they should think again. Clearly they are just doing it for attention. I'm glad you said something before I saw it!
well that's kind of rude of that person
Forget about Instagram ĺstay in VINGLE. .yeeiiih ...we Vinglers don't fit in other
wow!!!! How old are they?! There is one rule that i have and it is You Never Ever Ever talk about my Chanyeol He is THE most adorable and sweetest HUMAN BEAN EVER!! Seriously anyone who makes fun of him or hates him needs help in life because he is nothing but the biggest squishy baby and im soo glad you stuck up for him this is upsetting seriously how can you talk about Chanyeol
no! chanyeol is anything but!! he is amazing, great looking from adorable to gorgeous, and above all really talented!! that person is just hating 😒 probably because he can't even rap sing or dance to save his life
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