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so I've never actually posted anything on here, kinda trying this app out for the moment. But I'm an avid anime viewer and love how people post so many things of my interest. So if anyone new or old to this app see's this, hello and thank you for putting up so many cool "cards" for me to see. :)
Planet Vegeta, born and raised. In the castles where I spent most of my days. But then an alien tyrant who was up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. Bardock got in one little fight and Freiza got scared. He said "I'm blowin up your planet and makin it thin air!" I had received a mission and thought "man this is weird" but then said "OH WHATEVER LORD FREIZA DOESNT CARE!" I got into my space pod and punched in the co-ord-nates and yelled out loud "YO HOME, SMELL YA LATER!" I waited for Nappa until he was finally there, then Planet Vegeta was thin air
@TensaZangetsu98 Nicely done. haha, heard the music playing and all.