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Hello creatures of Halloween, so Chipotle is offering 3-buck burritos for this year's scary holiday.(Am I the only one who thinks that burritos should ALWAYS be 3 bucks from Chipotle?!)

Here's all you need to know for these cheap BOORITOS:

-They will be available from 5PM to closing. -Wear a Halloween costume. -BUT THE COSTUME HAS TO HAVE an 'unnecessary' accessory. (...An example of that would be like a witch carrying Christmas presents. Or a vampire with a boombox.)

Here's the cool part...Chipotle will be donating the proceeds from the 3-dollar booritos to charity. Up to 1 million will be donated to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation to support a more sustainable food future.

I hope to some day live right next to a chipotle. then i will know all of these things, and be the ultimate master of cheap burritos!
too bad i didn't make my way to Chipotle :-/
I like Chipotle, but I think their burritos should always be 3 bucks tbh
hahahhaa riiiighttt?!!!!
haha yes!
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