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While the Redskins has spent six draft picks since 2012 in an attempt to acquire a quarterback, the team remains confused on who will be their "guy" in the future.
In 2016, both Kirk Cousins and former #2 pick Robert Griffin will be free agents. It's stunning the Redskins lack stability at the game's most important position. Let's review both options the team has:
1-Go back to RG3.
As a rookie, RG3 had the most efficient season for a first year quarterback ever. He was dynamic and had the courage to throw the ball down the field. Sadly, the aggressive option heavy offense they ran left him open to a lot of hits and he was hurt a lot in his first two years. Fearing they would cut his career short, the team switched the style of the offense and the team and RG3 have sputtered since then. One has to wonder has RG3 lost it or is he being misused?
2-Play Kirk Cousins
At the moment the team has went with option two, as new coach Gruden seems to think that Cousins is a better fit for his west coast offense. "He's obviously shown some flashes of being one heck of a quarterback," coach Jay Gruden said of Cousins earlier this week.
At the moment the Redskins stand at 3-4. The team could go either way with their record for the rest of the way. They could tank and draft a qb in the draft as well. What do you think is best? Should they hold one of the guys on deck or start from scratch and clean house?