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Last day! A card dedicated to MY ONLY BELOVED BTS oppas!
Dear MY LOVELY BANGTAN oppas, Oh gosh, how do I start. I have fallen in love with every single one of you! You all have your own charms to attract me. I love it when you all look at me, smile at me, throw hearts at me, act cute to me, and always know how to make me laugh. What would I do without you?! Thank you for always being here for me and always cheer me up at all times. And thank you for always letting me meet up with you oppas, now let's stop meeting on TV and meet in reality! I wish for you all to stay very healthy, strong, and happy. Love you Namjoon oppa, Jin oppa, Yoongi oppa, Hoseok oppa, Jimin oppa, Taehyung oppa, and last but not least the only Jungkook oppa. 💘❤️❤️💘