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A few days ago I found a card by @AnjhenTubio with a really beautiful photograph, entitled "Waiting For The Right One." I was struck by it, because in a sense, that's what we're all doing – waiting for the right person to come along. So that inspired me to make this card.

When you find someone you're crazy about, how do you know they're the Right One? What sets them apart from the crushes, the flings, and the one night stands?

Here's my take on it.
There are billions and billions of people on this planet. The odds that you have just one soulmate, and that you're expected to find them among the masses of people – when they might on the other side of the world... well, that's just crazy. I don't think anyone has just ONE soulmate. I think there are many, many people in the world who could be your One.
But you won't meet all of them; you'll meet a few, maybe, if you're lucky. And when you do (because you've gotta believe when, not if), how do you know?
I think to some extent, it's a matter of compatibility. Not silly, scientifically calculated eHarmony compatibility – rather, a sense of being kindred spirits, of sharing more than just a love of sushi and a desire to raise a family some day.
You connect on a level that's so much deeper than that. You, an individual, thought you were alone on this Earth. But then you met this person, and suddenly, you realize there's at least one other person out there who thinks like you, who sees the world the way you do. You shake your head in disbelief and delight as the coincidences keep coming. "No way – you too?!"
You feel like there's something really special about this person, because you already know them so well despite the fact that you only just met a few months ago. It's cliché, but it's true – it really does feel as though you've known them forever.
You love spending time with them. You can't get enough of it, really. Because being with them is as exciting as being with your best friend, as fun and silly as being with your family, and as effortless as being alone. You don't have to be anyone but your true, deep self, because that's what they love most about you. And that's what you love about them, too.
You stop thinking about the past. The past mistakes, the past failures. The people who have left your life. The missed opportunities. Those things all fade into distant memory, because you're too busy loving every single second of the present. You wouldn't want to be anywhere else, with anyone else. Your mind shifts to the future – and suddenly you two are talking about all the things you want to do together someday. But not like it's pretend; you start planning, you're actually going to do it. The past somehow doesn't matter anymore; you can't stop looking forward to the future, because it's got them in it.
You know they're right for you, because they're all you ever dreamed of and more. They check all your boxes, and a few more besides. They don't want you to change a thing about you; they love you for exactly who and how you are. They make you feel beautiful, and worthy, and loved. They make you feel alive.
If you've found your One, I applaud you and congratulate you. If you're still looking, keep up hope – I believe so deeply that there's someone (multiple someones, even) out there for everyone. Just because you haven't met them yet doesn't mean you won't. And in the meantime, as excited as we get about romance, let's remember to love ourselves first and foremost – remember, you are beautiful, you are lovable, you are strong.
@ButterflyBlu I don't know why, but you were on my mind as I was writing this... love you, lady <3
:D I'm glad, @jazziejazz!! :D
thanks for inspiring me to write it ^_^ I hope we will both find amazing people to love very soon! :D
@Luci546 :DDD thank you Luci!! XD your comment made me so happy! :3 wow, that's so awesome that you found yours :D I think I might have too... Not sure yet but we'll see!! ^^
this is beautiful c: I definetely positively agree with the idea that everyone has multiple soul mates from which may enter their life one way or another, not just one person in a billion crowds. this is an amazing, intricate card c: and I'm super duper happy and even more clarified that I found mine ^.^
thanks... gave ne hope...
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