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the night is finally here! Can't wait for the moonlight!
its a little cold and stuff but I'm super excited! only an hour away now.
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They looked pretty good on a picture I saw like 5 minutes ago. I hope they don't disappoint!
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@FueledbyKass @MattK95 st. van grabbed my hand! I did not want to let go
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this looks soo cool how was it?! and ig st.van grabbed my hand i wouldnt want to let go either haha
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by the end I had grabbed three hands lol and ive decided that jacob is my favorite @Marilovexoxo it was amaZing! they are so sweet ! one of them even cried =/ can't wait to share tomorrow. its lile 1 am and I.just got home .
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@electica awww and i cant wait to see more im glad you had fun!
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