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Lee Byung Hun finally spoke out against the doughnut rumor on a recent airing of Healing Camp. He began by stating, “After 1~2 years, I was replaced as the model for a doughnut company because it was reported that I ate too many free doughnuts from the store.” There were also rumors that the Hollywood actor took an extra box for his friends and continued to eat the doughnuts for free Lee Byung Hun revealed that when he first read the story, he was amused and thought it was funny that rumors like such existed. But as time passed, the situation at hand became much more than just a joke that can be easily brushed off. Lee Byung Hun said, “It wasn’t a funny joke that passes by anymore but it was something that became a part of me, my personality, and my image, and it had been rooted deeply.” The actor also revealed his methods of dealing with negative rumors: “I was really intrigued at first and thought do they really believe this? People gossip about celebrities while they are drinking as a side dish and I think that as a public figure, I have to endure these kinds of rumors to a certain extent.”
lmao @Larkspurs would too!!
I love him anyway.
I would buy him all the doughnuts he wanted.