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Well, damn, aren't they handsome beings. Who do you see in each band? Me: -I see Seungri and some Taeyang in BigBang -A mix of Joon and Thunder in MBLAQ -Most definitely Jonghyun, Onew and Key in SHINee -Just a little bit of Yoseob in BEAST (but I also see Ilhoon from BTOB in there, which I don't know why lol) -Damn, EXO one is good... hmmm ... I see Sehun, some Kai and a bit of Chanyeol and Xiumin? -Definitely see Minhyuk in CNBlue -TVXQ I see some Jaejoong and Yoochun? hope I got that one right lol -Leeteuk for sure in Super Junior and a bit of Kyuhyun and Shindong? not sure about Shindong. -And lastly in INFINITE I see Sungjong for sure, some Sungyeol, and just a bit of Dongwoo and Hoya.
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proof that if you put hot men together you get another hot man
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@CrystalBlunt It's a scientific phenomenon named the 'K-pop Principle.'
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if you put all of VIXX together you get Jin
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