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ay ! so get ready to get new bias... I stalked Jacob the whole time but omg I loved everyone's personality, I like dark and serious lol thats jacob and st.van . a crowd favorite was xiao and I think he is the youngest as well. I'm on my way back home still a ways back then to sleep. tomorrow I'll make an awesome card .
they have great personality and sweetness. I can't wait to share tomorrow =D excited! I have to sleep now tho haha
@MattK95 jealousy is when I touched them! I can't believe it!... so this is kpop fangirl stuff huh? I waited till the moment they got on that bus and I still called jacob lol
Jealousy is really starting to set in now XD I'm glad you had a great time ^_^
Yeah St. Van & Jacob are definitely gonna be my top 2 in the group they are perfect. But this is a whole group of bias wreckers so ill have no choice but to love them all
jealous jealous jealous! can't wait for more pics and i'm happy you did have fun!
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