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There are many things to do when you meet your Oppa (we talking biases♡)
You can win them over by being a cute little plum♡
They to seduce them with your moves
or Just fangirl it out
Me personally i think I'll just hit them with a subtle....."I'm Single" lol
What Are You Gonna Do When You Meet Your "Oppa"?
@Marilovexoxo oh snap really?!?! Such a small world. It would've been nice if we met each other sooner so we could've met up. I know!! I love when he was like "you wanna see my big eyes?" Hahaha
@Destiny98 lucky!!! and i figured they were like that because even at the concert i went to during sound check when taeyang was talking to us and when they all came out to talk to us it just felt like we were all nust old friends hanging out even when the concert started there personalities are soo contagious it didnt even feel like i was seeing BigBang it was more like meeting up with old friends again and i loved it
When I met BigBang I was just myself and was making jokes with them (especially T.O.P) it was the best experience ever. They are so chill and after awhile you kinda forget they are Kpop stars and that they are your biases and you get so comfortable with them. I have an embarrassing moment cause I was walking and then I randomly tripped out of nowhere and landed right on my butt. I couldn't believe that just happened and then BigBang just started cracking up and helped me up asking if I was okay while still laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
call our his name till he notice you lol that's what I did to jacob of vav today.. and it worked
Oh my gosh, the first one... control yourself GD! Man I don't even know what I'd do if I met my GD. I think I'd laugh hysterically thinking it wasn't real or something, then cry out of sheer panic.
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