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There are many things to do when you meet your Oppa (we talking biases♡)
You can win them over by being a cute little plum♡
They to seduce them with your moves
or Just fangirl it out
Me personally i think I'll just hit them with a subtle....."I'm Single" lol
What Are You Gonna Do When You Meet Your "Oppa"?
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I like how seungri doesn't even mind GD body rolling all up on him. like "Oh hey, Hyung. oh.... *looks away*"
Try to remember to breathe and try not to be so stupid
I'll probably cry
I'm not sure what I'll do. Gd is just too cool
Idk usually I just bow exchange a few words unless it's like my bias I almost died with YongGuk XD I was just talking during the fan signing with the other members and when I moved to YongGuk I was silent and like 😍😵😖 For Taekwoon I was like omfg you cute little shit