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I know someone had a Halloween Playlist challenge a while ago, but I'm doing that plus other random stuff. Imma share my playlist first...then who knows lol!
Big Bang Monster Well these hotties are even more hot as monsters! I would dive into the lyrics but that's too deep for this card!
BTS Danger Dangerous feelings is something one could feel during danger. Most murders start off like this a guy is confused about his relationship with a chick. She's playing games and his feelings intensify and then he kills her! of course bts is not talking about killing but they do warn whoever they are singing are in danger for playing games beware!
VIXX Ghost Ah...I love this song and their voices!
EXO Wolf and Hurt and MAMA They both have eerie music in the beginning and they way they move in these videos. I know Hurt seems to put me in a trance. Wolf has all the growling and stuff. I love it! MAMA is just strange but I love it!Now let's
Now let's shift gears..... Stone Sour...Say You'll haunt me I love the lyrics and the instrumentals
KoRn.....Twisted Transistor What is there not to like about KoRn
Godsmack....Vodoo The lyrics are spooky and the song will put you in a trance....
Fly Leaf...All around me The lyrics is awesome. I imagine this person is ghost like when I listen to this. Plus, she's a chick that leads and awesome band! That's cool!
Incubus....Warning This video is weird but has some meaning
@JohnEvans actually alot of ppl has that as one of the top Halloween songs on youtube. I think the concept of monster and the guys are dressed up as something not human. Now the meaning of the not Halloween. Thanks @EmilyGardner.
you know all of those are perfect for halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
I never thought of Big Bang "Monster" being Hawlowenish for some reason lol