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Hi newbie here! At first I was nervous in creating an account, a lot of What Ifs kept popping in my head. But to defeat my shyness and my introvertness (Is that even a word? ) I decided to go join Vingle! Plus I remembered the What and If letter from Letters to Juliet (as cheesy as that may sound). I was told I get to talk to people with same interests? Sooo, a couple of things about me,First I love reading and I'm probably included in hundreds of fandoms (HP, PJ, THG...a hella lot more). Second Once Upon a Time and F.R.I.E.N.D.S are my two fave TV series, I want to watch GoT but I hate gore-y films/shows, blood scares me. Last tidbit about me is I'm a total Disney fan, nobody is too old for Disney! Hope to meet people to fangirl and geek with!
@Inaritricx Thanks! I can't wait for the next OUAT episode! @InPlainSight @InPlainSight @chris98vamg @TylerOrtega Thanks! 馃槉 @TessStevens I haven't watched GoT yet since I'm scared of blood and GoT is very gore-y, but I really want to watch it since I've read great reviews 馃槶
hiiiiiiiiii. I like ur Intro. I lovvvve friends but gilmore girls is my crack. ;)
It's nice to meet you :D
@TerrecaRiley Thanks! :) FRIENDS is the best! You should continue watching OUAT its really good 馃槉
Welcome. All of us are at least one thing that you are. As for me FRIENDS is the boss of sitcom and I stopped watching Once Upon a Time once it got to the nicest part...somewhere in season two(maybe 3,not too sure),when everything went back to normal
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