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5.) Gildarts Clive💪
Gildarts is the 5th strongest Wizard in Fairy Tail. Gildarts is so the Strongest non dragon slayer wizard in Fairy Tail. Using Crash Magic Gildarts is capable of destroying the town so the town of Fiore has a big town pathway for when Gildarts arrives home back from a job a straight long path is there just for him leading straight to the guild. Gildarts Crash magic is amazing not to mention his incredible strength.
Gildarts may be a fun guy to hang out with but when it comes to a battle its game time and Gildarts is no one to be playing games with when it comes to that. Gildarts is an S-class wizard but he takes on Ten year jobs for people who normally take that long but for good old Gildarts is more of a Three year job and for it being 10 years that's fast showing you just how strong he is. I'm so heartbroken that Gildarts isn't in the Tartaros Arc. I can just imagine e how amazingly beaten the enemies would be if Gildarts was there but Fairy Tail can beat anyone so I know the Arc will be the best one yet.
In the Tenrou Island Arc. Cana Alberona has a little secret for Gildarts that will add a little love in his life. Cana happens to be the daughter of Gildarts ex wife Cornelia who sadly passed away when Cana was young. Cana joins Fairy Tail in order to find her father Gildarts but when she finds him she never had a right moment to tell him the truth. Thanks to Lucy Cana finally was able to tell Gildarts that she is his daughter. Gildarts after finding out that the only love of his life left him a child and gets flashbacks of when she was smaller starts to cry and hug Cana and tells her to give him the chance to be loving Father. Knowing Cana is his daughter now made him even more cautious and fight harder for what he truly cares about.
very good summary, but you put gold arts alot
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@SidAbdulmateen thanks Autocorrect tried to keep changing it I missed it two times
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I kinda wish that he participated in the grand magic games, that would've been awesome
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he should show up and help natsu fight zeref
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