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V threw a knife at me because I called his mom

"Who was that?" Your phone buzzed again, vibrating loud enough to be heard even in a phone call. Checking it, a small chuckle escaped you. "Ah, it was your son. He wants to come over and I'm being mean." You close out the message, not answering his attempt to be cute. His mother laughs, commenting on her son's adoration for you. The conversation moved over on your plans for his upcoming birthday, wanting to have plenty of time to find the perfect gift. You asked how everyone was doing, you missed them, not being able to see much of your own family since moving to Korea. "Y/N, he's eating properly right?" "Of course. If anything I think I let him eat to much junk, hardly any healthy food." You shifted feet, actually cooking quite a healthy meal for dinner ",Would you teach me how to cook something better for Tae? I know he misses your cooking and he might like if I was able to make something that reminds him of home." "Ah, look at this girl, being sweet to her future mother in law. I'll teach you but you have to bring my baby home too." You smiled to no one, happy that she called herself that. "Y/N! I smell food." You nearly dropped the phone at his voice, the door slamming closed a second later. "Is that Taehyung?" "It is but I didn't know he was coming over." You move towards the entrance, wioing your hands in your apron. Tae was taking his shoes off, tripping up slightly before pulling his coat off. "Hey jagi." He grinned that beautiful box smile at you. You smiled in return and offered the phone up. "Your mother wants to talk to you."
Taehyung was in the corner of your small kitchen, phone pressed to his ear and a flat look holding his face. You'd turn to him every few seconds, watching him before his evil glare caught you. Instantly you'd go back to cooking dinner, it was almost ready. "You called my mom?" Your phone was set on the counter next to the cutting board but it didn't pull your attention. "I did, there questions I wanted to ask and she was the only that could answer them." You could feel Taehyung standing only inches from you but chose to ignore him. "What questions were those?" His hand rested on your hip, thumb skimming over exposed skin when you reached for the cabinets. "I asked about your siblings, how they were doing." "You could've called me." Tae snatched a noodle from the pot, eating it before you could protest. "I thought you were at the studio." You paused to turned to your aggravated boyfriend. "Liar. What did you really talk about?" Taehyung moved to leaned against the counter. "Nothing much." Shrugging your shoulders, you went back to making the plates up. "Tell me or else." You snorted at his comment. "Or else what Tae?" "I'll...I'll throw this at you." You peeked up, Tae fumbled with the small knife you left after cutting vegetables. "Yeah right. I told you we didn't talk about anything important so its nothing." A second later the little knife bounced against the counter next to you. You slowly turned to Taehyung, eyes wide. He looked just as freaked out as you, jaw hanging open as if he couldn't believe what he'd just done. "Jagi, I am so sorry. I didn't mean-" "Kim TaeHyung you are so dead!"
Sorry its taken a fews days longer to get this up. Being sick sucks and then my hubby came home yesterday! (He works out of town a lot) Anyway, how was it?
@kpop14young @RainaC3 @kpop14young @B1A4BTS5ever I'm all better and my hubs is home for a while :D thank you ☆ @lovethuder1025 Thank you ★ I'm glad you liked it.
@malibella I glad you liked it. Sorry it took me a bit longer than planned to post it. And thank you. Its down to just a cough now but this rain isn't helping XD
@Emealia your welcome 😁
wow unexpected i got scared trying to picture it in my mind , great story
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