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TO ALL MY VINGLE STARLIGHTS! This was their first teaser image for their comeback! This picture looks like a dark concept, but they're dressed in the color white and chokers?! But what do we think it means?
They of course look great as always, and they are going to comeback strong! For this comeback they changed up a bit, with Leo and Hyukie going blonde, and everyone else going back to dark hair colored! Oh don't we just love the new looks!
And look at My VIXX oppas! πŸ’˜β™₯️ I know we are all very excited! Time is drawing closer, let's start our countdown soon STARLIGHTS!
UGH. I still can't get over these teaser pictures. They all just look SO BEAUTIFUL!! And this might be kinda weird, but their skin looks so nice.... Especially Hakyeon's. lol xD
@StephanieDuong kekeke I totally feel you! Dem completions are for reals hahaha πŸ˜†Ohhhh man we Starlights are so dead 😭😍😭😍
@Meeshell We are SOOO DEAD. Get the ice cream and tissues ready. lol.
the teasers are gonna kill me with excitement. I will die from fangirling
I'm sorry Hongbin but....... I REALLY don't like your hair style D: