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So I don't know if anyone else is watching "Sassy Go Go" at the moment or not, but I've fallen in love with Ji Soo. You can say I'm suffering from 2nd lead syndrome. This scene is probably what made me screamed and giggled like crazy. I cannot express in words how sweet this scene was to me and just made me fall for him even more. After watching this drama with I started looking him up and noticed that he was in "Angry Mom" too. I literally marathon that drama just because of Ji Soo. He is just too adorable to not fall in love with. ^_^
He kinda reminds me of a mini Tae Yang. But honestly, he looks more like Kevjumba if anyone knows who he is. lol. ^_^
omg this is so random but i just read that kevjumba disappeared quietly form youtube and no one knows what he's doing other than the fact that he opened a school in Kenya and volunteers there a lot!!!!
I feel like I was reading exactly what my sister did! Lol She started Sassy GoGo, fell in love with him then marathoner Angry Mom is a day and a half! Lol And yes Taeyang! We even put photos side by side to see comparisons lol. I haven't seen kevjumba in so long so I can't remember what he looks like.
lol!! Totally agree! haha
I want Eunji to be with both guys. I am officially #teamconfused. Maybe we should just clone her so that we can make both guys happy lol