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The Miraculous Munch

Well, I was a sitting around minding my own when the Miraculous Munch showed up and I thought to myself, why don't I introduce her? This is my cat, Munchi. She's three years old and loves to be pet. Seriously she will jam her head under your hand like "PET ME" Munchi's really like a sister to me (love her...this much! *spreads out arms*)
She also likes to nuzzle the corners of things, like beds, boxes, and notebooks.
For anyone wondering why her name is Munchi (or just Munch, which is what I started calling her lately), yes, it does derive from the term "munchy" as in "munching" as in food. That is because she likes to eat EVERYTHING. Seriously, I don't mind but sometimes I'd like to enjoy my turkey sandwiches without help y'know?
Overall, Munchi's pretty much my best friend (and/or sibling) (She's so photogenic!!! *squeals*)
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