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Anime is for kids
So, what is your response for those who say Anime is for kids?
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Lmao i love that Lambo-san gif of your. Anime is a broad topic. Some are for kids, some are for teen, some are for matured ppl. So people that lumps all anime together are ignorant, and like lambo-san said they are fool!! 馃槀
I can see your points guys and I totally agree with you, but we, as anime fans; we really know that anime is not only for kids. And even Disney movies aren't only for kid too. My question is, how do you let people know? How do you convince them that it is a wrong concept?
the only way to get them to understand is to have them watch something that isn't readily available on nick or cn. most ppl think anime, they think of howls moving castle, the last airbender, pokemon, dbz, and this is what creates the misconception that anime is only for kids
people assume anime is for kids and never open your mind to the thought that they may like it. even if you show them anime's that speak about real things like military politics racism and death. they will close there mind to it. how I would go about it? I'd explain certain anime that really make you think or feel someway. like Tokyo Ghouls constant reminder of how easy it is to lose your humanity and once its lost how difficult it is to get back. code geass. with war and injustice. attack on titans showing countless murders and death and the will of survival. that is how I would show them the difference?